Chateau Masburel

Château Masburel, a Bergerac estate which was founded in 1740, that has links to the court of Louis XV and has been making wine since before the French Revolution.

Chris Walker has become the third British owner of Château Masburel who together with his partner Irma Lazickiene are renovating the chateau, winery and vineyard.

The 33.4-hectare estate in Fougeyrolles produces Montravel appellation wines, as well as AOC Bergerac, and sits on a ridge of hills above the Dordogne river. It has 16.23ha of land under vine, with 75% of its production dedicated to red wine.

Château Masburel produces dry whites under Montravel appellation and sweet wine under Côtes de Montravel appellation. Red wines are produced under the Montravel and Côtes de Bergerac appellation.